Alan Stanford

presents a unique theatrical experience.
An evening with the words and thoughts of one of Ireland's greatest wits and writers

"In The Company of "
Oscar Wilde."
Over the course of the evening Alan Stanford
- Ireland's premiere interpreter of the works of Oscar Wilde -
will take the audience through the various stages of Oscar's fascinating and glittering career.

From his beginnings, in the social world of his mother's famed salon in the Dublin of the 1860's,
through Oxford University and to London late in the reign of Queen Victoria.

We will travel with Oscar across the North American continent, from New York to Salt Lake
City and San Francisco.
We will cross the prairies and travel deep into the silver mines
and gun slinging saloons of Leadville.

We will meet some of his most famous theatrical creations including the divinely monstrous Lady Bracknell.

We will share the secrets of his family, his children and his relationship with
Lord Alfred Douglas in the most infamous love affair of the Nineteenth Century.

We will hear his Poetry, his Philosophy and the most famous of his famous Fairy Tales.

And we will hear the words of Oscar's final lesson in life,
through that glorious and deeply moving prose poem De Profundis.